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Exterior wall insulation board panels

    Τρόπος Πληρωμής: L/C,T/T,Money Gram,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF
    Min. Παραγγελία: 2000 Square Meter
    Χρόνος παράδοσης: 10 ημέρες
Βασικές πληροφορίες

Αρ. μοντέλου: EIB007#

Ανυποταξία: 200-450 ° C

Διάμετρος: 4-50mm

Φαινόμενη πυκνότητα: 12 ~ 96kg / m³

Επιφανειακή επεξεργασία: Πλήρης πλακάκια σώματος

Χρήση: Εξωτερικά πλακάκια

Special Services: Construction Technical Guidance

Additional Info

Συσκευασία: Wooden box or According to customer's requirement

παραγωγικότητα: 1000000TON

Μάρκα: UMS

μεταφορά: Ocean,Land

Τόπος καταγωγής: GUANGNDONG

Εφοδιασμού: 50000 Ton/Tons per Month

Πιστοποιητικό: ISO9001

Κωδικός ΕΣ: 6810919000


Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Exterior wall insulation board panels

Insulation wall panels does not burn in the fire, does not melt, does not emit toxic fumes, and insulation board exterior wall has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, non-corrosive, thermal insulation, energy saving, sound insulation, low cost, etc., and does not require freon foaming, exterior wall insulation panel no environmental pollution, and no processing Good and easy construction.

exterior wall insulation panel


1, the exterior wall insulation board standard width of 200,300,600,900 and 1200mm, various sizes within 1200mm can be customized.

2. According to different insulation requirements, there are 35, 50, 60, 75, 100mm and other thicknesses for the insulation layer to choose from.

Installation method of exterior insulation board: adhesive anchor

Application range: This insulation board is suitable for the external insulation coating of newly-built external walls of concrete walls, light-filled masonry, clay bricks and other materials. It is also suitable for energy-saving reconstruction of existing buildings.

insulation wall panels

Uses: Suitable for thermal insulation decoration of airports, schools, hospitals, factories, exhibition halls, buildings and other buildings that require high heat insulation.

Features of External wall insulation boards :

1. Excellent insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, luxurious and beautiful decorative effect, convenient and quick installation method;

2, Safety, fire protection, durability, and external wall insulation boards toughness to achieve a relatively uniform low-density high intensity, use and transport installation process is not easy to break.

3, UMS internal wall insulation board compared with the traditional aluminum veneer curtain wall and aluminum-plastic plate materials, construction is convenient and environmentally friendly, with a very obvious cost-effective advantages.

insulation board exterior wall

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